Name: Ayanna
Origins: top secret
Filmmaker, Guitarist, Aspiring Artist

Things I like: archery, lists, going barefoot
Things I dislike: turtlenecks, "panties", and putting the dishes away

I'm an Obamarama

One direction you say?

"Ziam is a big mystery. Do they kiss sometimes? Are they boyfriends? Do they stay up all night making sweet manly love to each other??????" -moon-trips


For those of you who may not know, I am a colonial American history nut! Have had the fascination since I was 9 thanks to my 4th grade teacher! (Love to you Mrs.Cathy if you ever find this!)  In a round-about way, today was a dream come true because of her. After waiting 11 years, I finally got to venture inside Independence Hall. *swoon*

The outside was beautiful, along with the inside and it’s borrowed Georgian architecture -bless the staircase GOD.  

So lucky to have been here! Sadly, I only got a picture of the Liberty Bell through a window. Maybe this means I will be back in the future. Looking forward to the thought.